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Do Mocktails Have Alcohol?

Mocktails are so much more than an alcohol-free version of your favorite cocktail. A specially designed recipe will focus on flavor, texture, and balancing salty and sweet to give you a luxurious drink experience.

So, what is a mocktail, and why is the distinction between this and any other zero-alcohol beverage such a big deal? A mocktail looks and feels like a decadent drink, with garnishes, toppings, and often particular serving styles, but it doesn’t contain anything alcoholic.


The Pros and Cons of Mocktail Recipes

Any period where we abstain from alcohol is a great opportunity to detox our livers, boost our well-being, and improve our deep sleep and recovery–but if you're thinking of swapping to mocktails for Dry January, there are a few caveats!

The major one is that mocktails served in bars and restaurants are normally stacked with calories, huge amounts of sugar, and carbs. For example, one drink made with soda will have roughly 150 calories, eleven grams of carbs, and approximately thirty-five grams of sugar. This is not so great if you’re challenging yourself to Dry January to hit some fitness, lifestyle, and nutrition goals.

Skinny Mixes syrups are an excellent alternative, with every syrup and mixer in our range being 100% sugar-free and giving you the taste of a mocktail without the calories, carbs, or guilt.

If you’d like to learn how to make your own mocktail with none of the bad stuff, we have tons of inspiring recipes to experiment with and find your own twist!


How to Make a Healthier Mocktail

It’s well worth checking the ingredients list and nutritional content of any mocktail. You'll soon notice that fruit juice, artificial flavorings, and sweeteners make up the bulk of a store-bought mixer or mocktail on a bar menu.

Our skinny syrups are healthy, with natural sweetener and just the right amount of sweetness to excite your taste buds without the side effects of a massive sugar high late into the evening! Here are some quick tips to help you make incredible mocktails that are actively good for you:

  • Ditch the soda and fruit juice, and opt for sparking spring or mineral water, kefir, kombucha, or steeped water made with cucumber, strawberries, mint, or anything else that takes your fancy!
  • Avoid added sugar–a few teaspoons of a sugary simple syrup contains many calories and isn’t great for your dental health, either. You can swap either ingredient for your preferred skinny syrup flavor to eliminate the sugar.
  • Try fresh fruits, herbs, and garnishes for a classy aesthetic and added texture–think lime, orange peel, mint, peppercorn, or a chilled slice of lemon.
  • Use something less ordinary, like raspberry wine vinegar or digestive bitters, for a sharp punch of flavor that is excellent for your digestion. 

The enormous growth of the sober-curious world in the last few years has made countless options available in your local store, so don’t settle for low-quality sodas!

Big, bold, spicy flavors like ginger or cranberry are brilliant options because the strength of the taste on your tongue replicates the sensation of drinking a regular cocktail. Don't be afraid to try lots of different flavor combinations, too–sometimes, the unexpected pairings are the ones that work best!


How to Be Sure a Mocktail Is Alcohol-Free

If you’re out and about and order a mocktail, the simple way to check is to scan the ingredients list on the menu or ask your bartender to be assured there isn’t any hidden alcohol in the recipe. There are tons of alcohol-free versions of popular drinks, but it's also easy to make a mistake or use an alcoholic version of a clear spirit, such as vodka or gin, as they look identical.

Most servers are diligent about checking what they put into a drink. Still, there is also a risk of using a pre-mixed ingredient that contains alcohol, so if in any doubt, ask for a fresh shaker or make your own delicious mocktails at home!

Avoiding temptation throughout Dry January can be tough, but celebrating your commitment to your best alcohol-free self is a great challenge to try with friends. Why not host a dinner party, whip up some fantastic mocktail concoctions, and see which Skinny Mixes syrups you love the most!