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Are Skinny Syrups Better Than Torani?

You can use our Skinny Syrups as a sweetener for all kinds of beverages. They are perfect to add to anything from coffee and homemade sodas to a favorite non-alcoholic mixed drink. 

We will look at whether our Skinny Syrups are better than Torani Syrups, so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing a delicious sweetener.

While regular syrups were once only used in drinks such as caramel and chocolate-flavored lattes, syrups come in a bunch of creative flavors that will stretch your imagination and open up a new world of possible drink combinations - which we’ve reproduced as a sugar-free version!

With that said, let’s look at both Skinny Syrups and Torani Syrups, and see if we can show which one is better - but keep in mind, we might be a bit biased! 

What Are Skinny Syrups?

Most drink syrups available on store shelves have traditionally contained sugar. So, it may seem a bit odd to talk about sugar-free syrups. But they do exist, such as with the syrups we make here at Skinny Mixes.

Our initial product line started with a line of cocktail mixers and have since developed a line of flavorful syrups. Fans of our Skinny Syrups will tell you that our product range consists of extraordinary and delicious flavors like butter toffee, salted caramel and brown-sugar cinnamon—all excellent choices for hot cocoa and coffee. There are also some more unusual flavors to choose from such as cotton candy, glazed donuts, and dragon fruit acai. 

For those with an adventurous spirit, bring a touch of magic to your beverages by adding a touch of our Unicorn Syrup with its mix of blue raspberry, frosting and cotton candy flavors. There are no limitations to the combinations you can make with the options available! Excite your taste buds with Skinny Mixes.

What Is Torani?

Torani is another producer of flavored syrups that you can find in stores. They have a range of different flavors that continually evolve–which can make it challenging to keep up with what's on the market at any given time.

For example, in addition to standard syrups, such as fruit and nut flavors, Torani also sells gingerbread, salted caramel, and toasted marshmallow syrups. Add that to a series of coffee house favorites, and there is quite a variety to choose from.

Are Skinny Syrups Better Than Torani?

When trying to figure out if Skinny Syrups are better than Torani, let’s take into consideration that here at Skinny Mixes, we offer consumers a exceptionally wide range of options when it comes to syrups. There are also our special Skinny Mixes combination packs, with classic coffee flavors such as mocha, hazelnut, and caramel syrup that are always popular with customers. And, of course, they have unique syrup products if you're looking for something different. 

It doesn’t matter if you are trying to lose some extra pounds or have specific dietary considerations, you can still enjoy coffee spiced up with one of our Skinny Mixes syrups. They are sugar-free, gluten-free, carb-free and kosher-friendly, so you can enjoy them without worrying about your weight or health or feeling guilty about indulging.

Skinny Mixes syrups are a great alternative to sugary sweeteners and they also contain vitamins—making them an attractive option for nearly everyone. To top it off, you can enjoy all these benefits at a very affordable price, which you can't say about most other syrups.

While it may come down to personal preference at the end, we dare say that yet - our Skinny Syrups are better than Torani syrups!

The Bottom Line

With the numerous flavors available, you can rest assured that you will get the energy you need for your daily activities and still provide your body with the necessary nutrients to stay healthy, which answers the question many customers ask us, “Are Skinny Syrups bad for you?

After taking a closer look at our Skinny Syrups and their benefits, it’s easy to  understand how we’ve become one of the most popular syrup brands, by offering our customers great value for their money, as well as a healthy way of stimulating their taste buds!