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5 Mocktails To Get You Through Dry January

Dry January is always a thing, a thing we hate. BRING ON THE BOOZE! But, here at Skinny Mixes, we are participating (for now). This task can be very difficult especially when your office has a full bar and all the cocktail mixes in the world. The truth is this can be tough for everyone so here are 5 mocktail recipes that are getting us by!

1. Sober Mermaid

Formally known as the Drunken Mermaid, she'll be back on February 1st. 

sugar free mermaid water

All you need is:

In a glass, add ice and soda water, start off with a tablespoon of Sugar Free Mermaid Syrup and build up the flavor as desired. Top with a squeeze of lemon or lime and enjoy with a paper or metal straw-check it out, we love turtles!


2. Not So Spiked Raspberry Lemonade

It's lemonade... only boring because there is no alcohol. BUT it is sugar FREE :D

sugar free meyer lemon raspberry syrup

All you need is:

In a glass, add ice and water, start off with a tablespoon of Sugar Free Meyer Lemon Raspberry Syrup and build up the flavor as desired. Top with a squeeze of lemon and add fresh raspberries if desired.

3. Strawberry Rose Water

The millennial drink of our dreams!

sugar free strawberry rose syrup flavor infusion

All you need is:

In a glass, add ice and water, start off with a tablespoon of Sugar Free Strawberry Rose Syrup and build up the flavor as desired. Sprinkle a few rose petals, or don't. It's a new year, you do YOU.

4. Raspberry Spritzer

All these recipes are basically the same but look at the pretty pictures!

sugar free raspberry syrup

All you need is:

  • Sparkling Water
  • Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup
  • Fresh Lemon, Lime & Raspberries (optional)

In a glass, add ice and water, start off with a tablespoon of Sugar Free Raspberry Syrup and build up the flavor as desired. Top with a squeeze of lemon or lime and add fresh Raspberries if desired.

5. Buzzwords But No Buzz Lemon Elderflower Craft Mocktail

This is one of those drinks you see on a menu and you go "ohhh elderflower" when in fact you have no idea what an Elderflower is.

lemon elder flower zero sugar craft mocktail

All you need is:

In a mason jar because all the drinks with strangely named flowers come in mason jars, add ice and water, start off with a tablespoon of Sugar Free Lemon Elderflower Syrup and build up the flavor as desired. Add whatever tree branches or fruit you can find in your house to make this Instagram worthy and viola! 


Using Dry January Mocktails for an Alcohol-Free Month

A mocktail is a perfect solution if you're sober-curious, completing a Dry January challenge, or simply wanting to start the New Year with a healthy-living detox! Our mocktail mixes pack punchy flavors that mimic the texture and sweetness of your favorite fruity cocktail or delicious spritzer but without sacrificing taste, enjoyment, or a little fizzy mood boost.

One of the toughest parts (especially for us social butterflies) is the need to explain what you're up to and why you'd dream of turning down a velvety smooth nightcap. Swapping cocktails for Dry January mocktails allows you to join in the fun with an imitation mocktail recipe that is just as delicious.


Eliminating FOMO With Tasty Mocktail Recipes

The secret to brilliant Dry January mocktails is finding healthy drink recipes that don't feel like a chore. Our mocktails combine high-quality ingredients within each incredible recipe, inspired by our preferred alcoholic drinks but with zero alcohol (or calories and sugar).

A mocktail shouldn't look or feel like a soda or fruit juice–it's a sophisticated drink with an elegant garnish that makes the post-festive season something you can enjoy. 

Mocktail mixes are a go-to with easy-to-follow recipe ideas, allowing you to swap the red wine for a raspberry spritzer or replace white wine with a mellow strawberry rosewater and make the most of your downtime without those pesky alcohol calories. 


The Health Perks of Switching to Dry January Mocktails 

We all know that a mocktail is better for our long-term health, but if you're struggling to commit to a month without your evening glass of wine, it's worth having a quick recap of the positives: 

First, many mocktails using Skinny Syrups are 0 sugar, 0 calorie and 0 carbs! Options like our Meyer Lemon Raspberry Syrup recipe have no added sugar, so if your goal is more about watching your waistline or cutting back on sugar, it's a win-win.

Secondly, cutting back on alcoholic drinks–even if it's only for the thirty-one days of January–can do wonders for your sleep, mood, energy, and mental health. Use plenty of spring water, lemon, and lime, and your mocktail can help detox your system, reset your mind, and make you feel on top of the world.


How to Make a Mocktail Drink Recipe Taste Like the Real Thing

Plenty of people try alcohol-free spirits, but we find that many fake alcohol drinks taste dull or are jammed full of sugar and other synthetics to try (and fail) to taste right. A mocktail syrup is a fantastic alternative, with a luxurious scent and flavor, which you can mix and match with your choice of toppings, mineral waters, juice, or garnishes.

Interested in some insider mocktail tips? Regular cocktails have a strong underlying flavor that you can make perfectly with some know-how. Natural, healthy ingredients like ginger, lemon, and mint trick your palate into feeling like you'd indulged without the fuzzy head in the morning–experiment with your own recipes and combinations of mocktail flavors, and see what concoctions you can create!