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How to Make Natural Syrup

Usually, most homemade natural syrup recipes require you to combine and heat equal parts of sweetener, water, and a fruit, plant, or vegetable juice or extract of your choice. While you can definitely take this route and make your own at home, Skinny Mixes’ natural syrups for keto are an easy alternative to DIY recipes. With these, you’re sure to get naturally sweetened syrups free from calories, carbohydrates, and sugar!

What Is Natural Syrup?

Natural syrups are sugar alternatives made from fruits, plants, or vegetables. They’re typically made by extracting the juices of these raw ingredients and heating them with other sweeteners or thickeners to form a syrup.

Is Natural Syrup Good for You?

Natural syrup is generally good for you because it doesn’t contain refined sugar, which is known to be the cause of various health issues and chronic diseases. Most homemade recipes use table sugar due to availability, but you can always switch this with a natural sweetener like monk fruit syrup! If you’re wondering whether monk fruit syrup is healthy, it is–it’s even known to have antioxidant properties that can protect you from cancer and diabetes!

How to Make Natural Syrup at Home

Many people nowadays are making the shift to sugar alternatives, some of them being natural syrups. While you can easily buy bottles of the stuff, like Skinny Mixes’ keto and natural syrups, you can also make them at home.

To make natural syrup, simply mix equal parts water, sugar, and fruit, plant, or vegetable fruit or extract in a saucepan over heat. Heat this up, slowly mixing continuously, until it thickens into a syrup.

For those thinking of how to make a sugar syrup for cocktails (if you are on a keto diet), it’s the same deal. But because you’re doing keto, you’ll want to swap out the sugar for natural sweeteners. Again, be mindful of the amounts, as these might change depending on the consistency and sweetness you want from your natural syrup.

Where to Find Natural Syrup

If you’re not too eager to make natural syrups on your own at home, don’t fret! Skinny Mixes offers a variety of flavors of keto-friendly and naturally-sweetened syrups that you can use instead. 

Flavors include vanilla bean, salted caramel, mocha, and cinnamon dolce, as well as peanut butter, pumpkin spice, and hazelnut for the keto syrups and margarita flavor options! You can buy these syrups as individual bottles or get a pack of different flavors to add great flavor to your food and beverages, depending on what you’re craving!

How to Use Natural Syrup

The great thing about natural syrups is that you can use them in many different ways. Here are some applications for them:

Baked Goods

You can swap refined sugar with natural syrups in your baking, though you’ll have to be mindful as these usually don’t follow a one-to-one replacement because syrups are more liquid. You’ll have to do some adjustments to arrive at the right consistency you’ll need for your products.

Play around with a mix of natural syrups to create more dimensions in your baked goods. For example, you can use a mix of Skinny Mixes vanilla and mocha syrups to add sweetness and chocolatey depth to your creations!


Skinny Mixes natural syrups are a great alternative to sugar when making glazes, sauces, and marinades. You can use these to baste your products or add an extra zing by mixing them with other condiments.


Perhaps the best way to use Skinny Mixes’ natural syrups is for drinks, whether for teas, cocktails, or even just water! They work better than sugar and other granulated or powdered sugar alternatives due to their liquid form, which allows them to mix more seamlessly. Use them to make shakes, sweeten your coffee, or add a fun flavor to your H2O!

Skinny Mixes Keto and Natural Syrups

Skinny Mixes keto and natural syrups are an ideal choice for those looking for naturally sweetened flavored syrups that they can add to their daily diets. All our options have zero calories, sugars, or carbohydrates, making them ideal for people with diabetes, those on keto, and anyone keeping an eye on their health and well-being. So get a bottle—or two—of your favorite natural syrup flavors from Skinny Mixes today!