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Can Diabetics Drink Margaritas?

Of course, margaritas are a great treat, and they’re also easy to make. For people with diabetes, drinking alcohol is safe only if you opt for a suitable type of alcohol and consider the effects of alcohol on your blood sugar level. 

Diabetes leads to lower production of insulin–a hormone that regulates your blood sugar levels–thus, blood sugar regulation is essential regarding all food and beverage consumption.

Many people with diabetes, if and when they drink alcohol, often opt for low-carb options–like keto coffee for caffeine-goers–such as drinks mixed with club soda, water, or anything else that’ll keep their blood sugar levels at bay. However, many pre-made syrups and mixers are relatively unhealthy for anyone.

So, what should you drink to treat yourself as a diabetic? That’s where a margarita comes in handy. A margarita–the fresh, real, and no-sour-mixer kind is perfect, even for those living with diabetes. It’s made with tequila as the base ingredient, and tequila is one of the best alcoholic options for those with diabetes–it’s even better than red wine. However, that doesn’t mean tequila is “healthy,” because no alcoholic drink is truly healthy for anyone’s body. 

Still, tequila is often a healthier option because it has zero carbs and a low sugar content; an ounce of tequila has only 69 calories. If you’re looking for information regarding how much sugar is in a margarita, check out this recent article.

How to Make Margaritas for Those With Diabetes 

A skinny and low-carb margarita is the best way to go if you have diabetes, as long as it's freshly-made without sugar added. Wondering if margaritas raise blood sugar? This skinny version won’t–and it tastes great while being easy to make.

Here are the ingredients you need to make your your favorite skinny margarita, which has only six grams of carbs, four grams of sugar, and 105 calories:

  • 1.5 ounces of tequila
  • 1.5 ounces of orange liquid sweetener
  • 1.5 ounces of lime juice 
  • Ice

To make your drink:

  • Add ice, orange liquid sweetener, and freshly squeezed lime juice to your cocktail shaker and shake the mixture well.
  • Strain and pour the mix over ice cubes in a glass.

Other Great Alcoholic Drink Options for Diabetics

Moderation is crucial when drinking alcohol, whether or not you have diabetes. Diabetes typically comes with additional challenges, and it’s recommended that women living with diabetes should consume a maximum of one alcoholic drink in a day, and diabetic men should have only two drinks. A standard alcoholic beverage has 12 ounces of beer, 1.5 ounces of spirits, and five ounces of red wine; the following alcoholic drinks limit carbs naturally, so they’re perfect for those with diabetes.

Bloody Mary

If you’re looking for a flavored drink that won’t raise your blood sugar, a Bloody Mary is a fantastic option. When making this drink, use tomato juice that has no added sugar. Alternatively, you can squeeze fresh tomatoes to make tomato juice.

Dry Martini

A dry martini made with dry vermouth, vodka or gin, and garnishes like lemon or baby onions is an incredible option for people with diabetes. Dirty martinis can also be a great choice for those looking to cut down on sugar in their diet.

Pickle Juice Vodka Shot

If you love shots, you can avoid added sugar by opting for a shot of hard liquor instead of a sugary cocktail. However, sometimes you may wish to dilute alcohol or enjoy the additional flavor with no added sugar–this is where the pickle juice vodka shot comes into play. This option isn’t sugary at all, and surprisingly tastes great.

Final Thoughts

Sweet alcoholic drinks like margaritas don’t have to be off-limits if you have diabetes, you just need to use sugar-free mixes when making your margarita. Instead of adding sugar-filled simple syrup to martinis, margaritas, and mojitos, try using natural sweeteners or other healthier sugar alternatives.