Skinny Fluffy Coffee-No Sugar Recipe

Skinny Fluffy Coffee-No Sugar Recipe
Fluffy coffee or Dalgona Coffee, has taken the internet by storm! The only issue we have with all the recipes out there is it required a lot of sugar 👎 So we went into our Skinny Mixes Kitchen and tested it out and came up with the perfect Zero Sugar Skinny Fluffy Coffee just for you!

1. Measure 2 TBSP of instant coffee and pour it into a ceramic mug or bowl.
2. Boil 1 TBSP of water. Once boiled, pour into the same ceramic mug or bowl.

3. Blend until desired fluffiness with a milk frother or hand mixer.
*If you're blending by hand it may take 5+ minutes to achieve fluffiness.

4. Fill a cup with ice and milk of choice.

*We like unsweetened almond milk because it's keto approved.

 5. Add 2 TBSP Sugar Free Skinny Syrup of choice to milk and stir.

6. Pour your fluffy coffee onto your milk, stir & enjoy!

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