How to Use Syrup in Coffee

How to Use Syrup in Coffee

Coffee is the perfect canvas for all different aromas and flavors. Even served black, good coffee tastes great, but it becomes an even tastier harmony of rich and sweet once you add milk and sugar. The great thing about coffee is that it pairs perfectly with many different spices and sweeteners. A perfect way to add more flavor to your homemade coffee is by experimenting with different sweeteners to see what suits you best. 

For something new, try adding syrup to your coffee instead of the usual refined sugar.

Syrup is a sweetener that’s often overlooked in our home kitchens, but it gives many coffee shop’s or Starbucks coffees their flavor. Simple syrup is the perfect option for a simply sweet cup. Syrups taste best when mixed with cream or milk to blend the flavors, but they’re also perfect with straight black coffee. You can even find sugar-free syrup varieties. 

How to Make Coffee With Vanilla Syrup

To make a classic vanilla-flavored coffee, take half a cup of milk, half a cup of coffee, and two tablespoons of vanilla syrup:

  1. Brew the coffee, then stir in the vanilla syrup while hot. 
  2. Froth the milk, heating it until it steams, then whisk it until frothy using a small fork or whisk. 
  3. Gently pour the frothed milk into your cup of coffee. 

Swap out the vanilla syrup for other varieties to make all different flavors of coffee the same way. 

How Much Syrup Should You Add to a Cup of Coffee?

Two tablespoons of syrup is perfect for a typical flavored coffee drink. But it ultimately depends on how sweet you want your coffee drink to be. If you feel two tablespoons is too sweet, start with one tablespoon and give it a try! It’s better to start with less syrup as you can always add more later, rather than having to make a whole new drink because you started with too much.

If you have a sweet tooth, 2.5 to 3 tablespoons of syrup should hit the spot. Like your coffee on the sweet side but have a diet to stick to? We can help you find the best sugar substitutes for coffee

Can You Use Chocolate Syrup in Your Coffee?

Yes, you can add chocolate syrup to your coffee. However, this isn’t the only way to make a chocolate-flavored coffee or mocha. You can also use chocolate powder for a richer cup. When using chocolate powder in your coffee, be sure to mix it with hot water to ensure all the powder disintegrates. We can also teach you the best way to make an iced coffee.

Making Your Own Simple Syrup

Simple syrup is as simple as it sounds. Just take equal parts granulated sugar and water and simmer in a medium saucepan over medium heat. Stir until the sugar is fully dissolved, then let it cool down to a thick syrup. For more variety, you can add other spices and flavors as the mixture simmers. Be creative! Simple syrup goes great in iced or hot coffee, with or without milk. 

Now you’re just steps away from making a tasty homemade coffee drink. Don’t be afraid to use these ideas as guidelines to create your own unique drinks. You can even blend coffee, ice, and milk and your favorite syrup for a makeshift Instagram-worthy frappuccino. Once you’ve found your favorite flavors, there are tons of ways to use syrups in your coffee.