How to Make Margaritas With Mix

How to Make Margaritas With Mix

As you begin to prepare for your summer BBQs, picnics, and other celebrations, one thing is for sure: a delicious cocktail will never be a misstep.

However, when you have a crowd of people to cater to, playing the bartender can become tiresome very fast–especially if you are unclear on the ingredients for a margarita!

What's in Margarita Mix

A standard margarita mix is a blend of sugar, lime juice, salt, Cointreau, and citric acid. Its syrup base is similar to a lime cordial because the sugar and lime are prepared with no additional water, making for a more concentrated lime flavor. However, there may be some variations depending on what kind of mix you are using, just like with keto-friendly coffee  alternatives. 

How to Make a Margarita with Mix

Whereas one may opt for pre-mixed drinks when preparing a cocktail for themselves or a crowd, there are other alternatives to choose from that will allow you to make delicious margaritas from the comfort of your home.

You should know that any cocktail is not a one-size-fits-all drink, especially when considering the alcoholic component. Therefore, it may be good to learn how to properly make margaritas with margarita mix to come up with a sweet, tart, and flavor-filled drink.

Margarita mixes make it easier for anyone to create drinks without worrying about how they will follow a specific or detailed recipe, as you only need to read the instructions showcased on the label of the mix bottle. Some mixes may also already have tequila in them!

When a margarita mix does call for the addition of tequila, you can also add half a shot of triple sec - an orange-flavored liqueur. In most cases, traditional margaritas made without mixes have tequila, lime juice, and triple sec.

The Process of Creating Your Margarita With a Mix

For two servings, your preparation time should only be a few minutes.


  • Six ounces of your preferred liquid margarita mix
  • Three ounces of tequila–Blanco (silver tequila) or some reposado varieties work particularly well
  • Ice
  • Lime
  • Coarse kosher salt

Now that you have all your ingredients in place, the next thing will be to decide whether you want to make your margarita mix on the rocks or blended.

Here are some steps to follow when making either one of these margarita cocktail options using a mix.

On the Rocks

  1. Cover a small plate with a layer of margarita salt or regular salt.
  2. Run a wedge of lemon or lime around the brim of your glass.
  3. Dip the rim of your glass in the plate of salt, lift it gently, and then shake off any excess salt.
  4. Fill cocktail glass with ice.
  5. Take a shot glass containing tequila and pour it into the glass of ice (or skip this step if your mix already has tequila).
  6. Add half a shot of triple sec.
  7. Fill the glass with your tequila mix and stir.  


  1. Fill your margarita glass to the brim with ice.
  2. Add half a shot of triple sec
  3. Fill the glass up with your preferred tequila mix.
  4. Pour the contents of your drink into a blender and blend it until it has a slushy consistency.
  5. Pour the frozen margarita mix from the blender back into the glass.

Once you are through with either process, you are ready to serve!

To Conclude

While the conventional margarita recipe calls primarily for triple sec and lime juice, other recipes advocate for adding fresh fruits like oranges and strawberries. The idea is to make your drink as enjoyable as possible.