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How to Make Water Taste Better

There’s nothing like a glass of cold water when you’re parched, and that’s even truer on particularly hot days. And while its natural thirst-quenching ability is always welcome, it doesn’t hurt to occasionally make this universal drink a little bit more fun.

There are several ways to make water taste better, from adding different flavor infusion combinations to playing with its texture. Here are some ways that you can add a bit more flavor to your H2O:

Infuse It With Fruits

Fruit-infused water is a simple drink but can drastically affect the flavor of your drink. If you’re wondering how to infuse water with fruit, it’s very easy. You simply slice up fruits of your choice, place them in a container, fill that up with water, then let them steep for at least an hour up to overnight.

When making fruit-infused water, remember that timing is key and that the kind of fruits (and vegetables) you use matter. The longer your fruits steep, the more infused their flavor will be in the liquid. However, you don’t want to leave them in for too long because they might impart a bitter flavor. Juicier, softer, and more strongly-flavored fruits won’t need much time to sit, while denser, harder, and mildly flavored fruits can go for longer.

Turn It Into a Juice

Make your water taste better by turning it into juice. You can do this by adding squeezer fruit juice, fruit extracts, or powdered juice mix into your liquid. If you’re going the more natural route, choose natural tart juices such as cranberries and grapes.

Make It Tea

Steep some tea bags or leaves into your water to give it some herby flavor. You can use fruit, herbal, red, green, or white teas for a healthier option, or stick with black tea for a more robust flavor. You can also explore more exotic teas if you prefer, such as Japanese matcha.

Add Flowers and Herbs

Flowers and herbs are simple additions that you can add to your water for a subtle flavor. Mint, basil, and lavender are common choices, imparting a dose of freshness with every sip. You can simply drop them into the liquid, but if you’d like to extract more out of them, you can mash them up–just make sure to strain out the muddled plants before enjoying.

Mix in Some Minerals and Powders

Mineral drops and powdered greens don’t just boost water’s health benefits, they can also add a lot of flavors that can make the drink all the more enjoyable. These nutritional add-ons even come in various flavors, so you can choose an option that serves both your dietary needs and your taste preferences.

Make It Bubble

If your eating and drinking experience is affected by the texture of what you consume, carbonating your water may be the key to making it taste better. Opt for a seltzer or soda water in place of still H2O, or try adding some fizz into your water using a carbonator.

Play with the Temperature

While iced water is unrivaled as a thirst quencher, this cold version of the drink actually comes out as less flavorful than room-temperature water. So, if you’d like your plain H2O to taste a little bit better, maybe opt for a drink at a warmer temperature, so you get it sweeter and more acidic. This is especially true if your water is unfiltered!

Spike It With Flavorings

Syrups like Skinny Mixes’ flavor infusions are a quick and easy way to make water taste better. You can choose from a myriad of flavors, and using them is just as simple as mixing in a few tablespoons in your drink. 

Make Your Water Taste Better with Skinny Mixes Flavor Infusions

Skinny Mixes’ flavor infusions are the best and easiest way to make your water—and any other beverage, really—taste better. You can choose from six flavors: strawberry rose, dragon fruit acai, honey cinnamon, blueberry lavender, lemon elderflower, and hibiscus passionfruit. And the best part is that all of these options are free of sugar, calories, and carbohydrates, making it just as healthy as drinking plain H2O! You get all the flavor without the guilt.