• Your syrups are a lifesaver for those of us eating keto. It’d be great to have a Keto Syrup sampler pack, or even a mix and match. There is already an ice cream pack, desserts, and caramel… why not keto? It’d be amazing!

    Cricket on

  • I LOVE heavy cream in my coffee — but it’s SO fattening. If you made a flavor that could make my coffee taste creamy like that, but without the fat and calories, you’d have a forever customer 😍

    Emily on

  • I would love to have a green apple syrup!

    Lesa Linscott on

  • Please make a sugar free lychee syrup
    Thank you

    Dana on

  • I would love if you would set up a printer version of each recipe to print out or come out with a recipe book to buy. It would be nice to have the recipes close at hand while I make my drinks .

    Karen Tediski on

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