• All the flavors I’ve tried so far have been delicious and Inwas very excited for the Lemon Elderflower. I would love to see a plain simple syrup to use for mixed drinks.

    Jamie on

  • I’m surprised there isn’t a pumpkin spice flavor. Unless it’s only been released as a seasonal item?

    Ashley on

  • I miss manhattans cocktails because of the sugar in sweet vermouth. Can you make a sugar free mix for Manhattans. Bourbon is popular I think it would be great to have a sugar free option

    Anita Zuniga on

  • My favourite dessert has always been my mom’s homemade apple pie with cinnamon.
    I think that would be an awesome flavor to add to your lineup.


    Garry Huculiak on

  • I would love an orange chocolate flavor and a chocolate kirsch cherry flavor. Also while I’m dreaming, how about selling us lids with pop tops that don’t require a pump or unscrewing the lid to use the product. Love the seven I have so far…dessert every day without the sugar and calories!

    Mary Walker on

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