• We make a delicious coffee drink that I now don’t miss Starbuck’s fraps.
    We cold bres 1/2 cup of our favorite coffee in a quart mason jar for 48hrs. (we divide into 3 coffee filters and tie off and put the coffee in the mason jar also.
    After it is done brewing, take 1 banana that is NOT green, divide into 4 chunks an place at bottom of blender. Take a rounded teasspoon (we use a silverware spoon) of raw organic cocoa and sprinkle over banana. Pour in the brewed coffee and put in roughly 1.5 ounces of either Jordan’s salted caramel or Jordan’s plain caramel syrup along with a handful of ice cubes. Blend until ice is slushy. Pour in tall glass, add another ice cube or 2 and top with 0 cal whipped cream. We tried both 0 cal reddi-whip and Jordans. While both are good, we prefer the reddi-whip for this drink. On a side note, may try this with another flavor, but hate to mess with a good thing. lol

    Linda N. on

  • Eggnog flavor. I would love to have an Eggnog flavor Skinny Syrup. Please and Thank you.

    Dorie Ann Lehan on

  • I hoped for an eggnog syrup. It’s my winter holiday splurge! Skinny syrups would make it a guilt-free splurge.

    Please consider for next year! Thank you.

    Karen Call on

  • We need a gingerbread syrup!

    CAt on

  • I am looking for a cherry syrup. Seems too simple not to carry such a common flavor. Thanks.

    Joanne Heiss on

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