• A carrot cake flavor would be awesome!

    Petra on

  • I love to add mermaid, unicorn or raspberry lemonade to plain water with lemon juice. It makes a gallon of water per day so much easier and so good!!! I also add birthday cake syrup to cream cheese with monk fruit powered sweetener for an awesome -no carb-guilty free icing.

    Meredith on

  • Would love for you guys to make blackberry syrup for my ice tea

    Lisa Giedeman on

  • I would love to see the skinny syrups sweetened with stevia. Anyone else????

    patsy bates on

  • As I am looking at the agave syrup that contains agave nectar I notice you have it listed as 0 carbs. I know agave is high in carbs so please post how you have made it carb free. We don’t want to blow our ketosis.

    Emily on

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