• I’m impressed by the variety of flavors. I am type 2 diabetic, so these skinny syrups with very little sugars are terrific. I have started blending them into into unflavored yogurts. Then I can have a variety of flavors. I haven’t tried them with ice milk, but I imagine that would work well, too?
    I drink lots of tea and coffee because I have to limit my consumption of carbonated drinks…. and no alcohol. I find these syrups work very well with my ice tea and add new flavors for more variety.

    Thank you for providing more flavor options to make my foods more enjoyable. (Y).

    Thank you so much for this healthier alternative for someone like me!

    Jay Bleu on

  • Cheesecake flavors… Blueberry, Strawberry, NY style.

    Cookie Butter

    Cherry Lime or Cherry Limeade

    Lavender Coconut and plain Lavender

    Blueberry, Blackberry, DRAGONFRUIT!!!

    Amanda E. on

  • I would love flavors mixed with mixed with mct oil and collagen

    Kathy Rayner on

  • I am such a chai tea fanatic. I would buy cases of that flavor. I can imagine myself using it in coffees and teas as well as cooking things like waffles with it. Please start working on this flavor, the stronger the better!

    Lily on

  • Yes! Carrot cake would be awesome!! Make this happen, Jordan!

    Ty on

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