• Would love to see a Skinny Lemon option.

    wendi J warner on

  • would love to see cookies n creme, brownie batter, and oatmeal cookie as flavors !

    Sofie Lasala on

  • How about a Creme de Menthe flavor syrup without green coloring? I love your hazelnut syrup in spice chai tea. It’s my Sunday morning indulgence as I drive to church. I recently bought a different brand of syrup that is available locally and the overwhelming flavor is sugar! Please let me know when you are re-stocked with hazelnut syrup.

    Connie on

  • I’ve been searching for a “German Chocolate” flavoring and have found actual coffee, but no flavorings. Hope to see this in the future. Yum!

    Shannon on

  • It would be great to see all the meaningful wellness drinks sold online!

    Jennifer on

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