• Please consider a pistachio flavor, ginger bread would be good too!!

    Elise on

  • I would love to see a macadamia nut (I love to add white choc & macadamia nut together)
    Would also love to see chai tea syrup.
    I love your products, my husband would say I’m obsessed. I use to have flavored creamer in my coffee, now I can have all the flavors I love and not feel guilty about the sugar content. I am with many others, I would love to see more natural flavors with stevia and monk fruit.

    Pamela Toth on

  • New flavors? I love pecan sandies, licorice, any kind of cheesecake, oatmeal raisin cookies, salted chocolate, cherry cream soda, orange cream soda, almond bark, butterscotch, I guess I like sweets. I’m looking forward to trying out the mermaid and unicorn flavors that should be arriving any day now.

    Glenda Kreiman on

  • Auto fill changed the number of products that one has to buy to get free shipping! It is actually 10. Sorry I didn’t proof read before I posted.

    Kathy Riske on

  • I am so excited for the new Naturals line. I’ve been Keto for about 2 years now and monkfruit sweetener has become a staple in my kitchen. I love the skinny syrups but would try not to use them as much because of the Sucralose. I would love to see the Strawberry Rose, Peach, Hazelnut, Caramel Vanilla…pretty much all of the flavors in the Naturals line. I already am a loyal customer to the brand but with the new Nature line you will definitely have a customer FOR LIFE!

    Thanks for creating such great products!

    Shan on

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