• My favourite dessert has always been my mom’s homemade apple pie with cinnamon.
    I think that would be an awesome flavor to add to your lineup.


    Garry Huculiak on

  • I would love an orange chocolate flavor and a chocolate kirsch cherry flavor. Also while I’m dreaming, how about selling us lids with pop tops that don’t require a pump or unscrewing the lid to use the product. Love the seven I have so far…dessert every day without the sugar and calories!

    Mary Walker on

  • I gave my son n law six bottles of various flavors for his birthday an he is still thanking me . This makes a great gift for keto dieters.or diabetics . I would love to be able to order a gift basket that could be customized maybe including some of your pumps and maybe a coffee cup that can be shipped directly to the recipient .

    Mary on

  • PLEASE make: 1) chai tea- I currently use sugar free Oregon chai but it has to be refrigerated. 2) Salted Butter Pecan. Would desperately love something that tastes like butter pecan ice cream. 3) Chocolate Cherry Cordial AND a regular Cherry or Cherry Pie (no chocolate) flavor.
    ALSO, you should make a few of your flavors extra concentrated and put them in squeeze bottles, like Mio. I see you are doing the pouches, but those aren’t as convenient or long lasting as the squeeze concentrates. There are 8 million squeeze type water enhancers in that aisle, if you launched a line of portable flavors specifically for coffee you would dominate!

    Rebecca on

  • I would love to see a dark chocolate Raspberry. That would be Devine.

    Sandy Shaw on

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