• We use the fruit flavored syrups for Seltzer and smoothies daily. We would love to see some other flavors like cherry, orange, lemon and lime!!!! Love the products!!!!!

    Shannon on

  • Will white chocolate mocha be coming back in stock? PLEASE sell this year round!!

    Amber on

  • I purchased the natural zero syrup in the smaller bottle. Unfortunately that sold out. When it finally became available again I ordered it thinking it was the same product only a bigger bottle. I am very disappointed in the fact that the natural zero now has preservatives in it. I contacted customer service and your customer is not very helpful. So I am stuck with 9 bottles of a product that is misleading. Maybe you should have added let people know this was a new syrup. It’s not natural. The other natural syrup was better.

    Cheryl on

  • Can you please sell the Salted Caramel Swirl individually? I have been following keto for a couple of months and discovered this flavor in the trio. I love the regular salted caramel, but this one is even better.

    Debbie Keeble on

  • I have been doing keto for awhile and I love having your syrups at home to make a yummy coffee house worthy coffee. It would be amazing if you sold them in a to go container to stick in my purse like a MIO bottle. So when I am on the go I could go to a coffee house and be able to know exactly what’s in my coffee!! Making sure to have all the seasonal flavors so we ketoans can join in on all of the “basic” fun :)

    Maria Fast on

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