Our Story

Inspiration often strikes when it’s the furthest thing from your mind.

Before the real estate market in Florida went off the broad side of a cliff, I was a property appraiser. I loved it. I had what everyone wants in a career; a sub 40 hour workweek, a solid income, and no boss for miles. All good things come to an end eventually, but usually not so abruptly.

One day while driving through rural Florida, listening to the radio, and probably speeding, I had a thought. I realized that there’s a diet, fat free or sugar free version of everything. Soda, beer, laxatives, ice cream, chocolate, even beef soup and gravy mix. Everything except my favorite lazy day beach beverage, the Margarita.

Margaritas taste great, but they’re full of crap and they make you fat. With all the salt, sugar, and high fructose corn syrup, they weigh in at a 400 calorie minimum. Guess what else has 400 calories? A Quarter Pounder (without cheese) at McDonalds, a 7 Layer Burrito at Taco Bell, an Angus Steak Burger at Burger King, and 8 of those Cheddar Bay Biscuits from Red Lobster. I can’t picture myself throwing down any of them while sunning on a sandy Florida beach.

One year and countless attempts later, with the help of some good people in the right places, hard work, and more than a little bit of luck, we came up with our line of Skinny Mixes. In addition to the Margarita, we’ve created The Skinny Appletini, The Skinny Cosmopolitan and the Skinny Pina Colada.

We’re proud to offer our line of delicious, zero calorie, sugar free drink mixes made in the USA. We want you to eat, drink, and be skinny. We want you to enjoy a picturesque day by the pool, beach, or at your local watering hole without the calories and guilt.

Your bikini always told you to drink responsibly. Now you can.